Following on from the previous Your Garden series, JBA was looking for a new creative approach for the 2018 events whilst still retaining the core of the original brand identity.

A new look and feel was developed around the idea of the home market garden with additional elements to represent Australian natives and other common garden plants.

The original ‘Your Garden with Josh Byrne’ masthead was retained along with the grass, eucalyptus flower, lemon and watercolour paper texture elements. These were extended upon with a variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, ornamental plants, Australian natives, and importantly for the focus of the series – fertiliser.

All of these elements were composited together using a chalkboard background for the masthead. This allowed for a more free form approach to the typographic treatments for the marketing collateral.

This time around, each event would also be featuring a separate guest speaker talking on a subject closely tied to the individual locations. Polaroid style images were used that allowed the flexibilty required when creating posters and advertising for the specific locations.

Template files were supplied to JBA allowing internal staff to update images and details as required. The overall style required it to be flexbile enough to be applied to A3 posters, local newspaper advertising (tall and square formats), Eventbrite feature images and Powerpoint master slides.

Additionally the new look was also required for the cover of the previously designed Garden Guide – a free 28 page document available for each of the people attending so they can better design and manage their gardens in relation to nutrient usage and water conservation to better support their local biodiversity.