Over the years Josh Byrne & Associates (JBA) had undertaken various reviews of their brand and had reached the conclusion a complete rebrand – including name change/new logo – was not required. The overall brand identity however was in need of a refresh and needed to be applied to a variety of online and offline marketing and communications collateral.

Brand identity refurbishment

The original logo had a lot of elements that JBA were keen to retain and possibly improve upon – solar passive design, landscape architecture, water management and built environment sustainability.

Through a series of refinements a refurbished logo was created and further developed to work in a variety of formats both horizontal and vertical, with and without the positioning statement.

The core corporate colours were selected from an extended colour palette created to better complement the variety of JBA’s projects and imagery. Within the business stationery set, each staff member could pick a core colour for the back of their business card.

A supporting graphics framework – ‘Sites as Systems’ – was created to provide a flexible backdrop that can be used in banners, image overlays or as a graphic element all of its own. A broad range of templates suitable for both print and digital media delivery were created for internal staff use.

Laith Brookes and JBA have delivered multiple communications initiatives together, including our company’s recent brand refresh and subsequent website launch. The design process helped provide a clear pathway to a shared vision and the cost effective approach ensures that projects are delivered as promised.

Dr. Josh ByrneJosh Byrne & Associates

Website reboot

With the fundamentals of the refurbished brand identity completed, the next major application was the website. Technology (in particular the mobile device space) had progressed significantly since the last website redevelopment and JBA were also looking to shift the focus of the content more towards their projects.

Full-screen images used throughout the website and a filterable project portfolio now allow JBA to better showcase their skills and expertise through the projects they have delivered. New in this iteration, the Resources page gives JBA the opportunity to provide open source content that can be easily increased over time.