When I first began working with Guardian Doors at the start of 2016, it was a small home-based business servicing primarily residential customers.

A brand identity had already been established and although a website was up and running, it needed an overhaul. Page design and layouts were altered and made consistent throughout the website. SEO optimised pages, images and text were added and Google AdWords campaigns implemented.

By early 2018 Guardian Doors had outgrown its humble beginnings and moved the base of operations to a new showroom and warehouse in Wangara. Along with the move came a repositioning of the company as it was now servicing an ever increasing commercial client base.

The 2018 update of the website reflected theses changes by having dedicated residential and commercial sections with clear pathways to each from the home page and main navigation. Unique contact forms were created to enhance the  communications workflow for Guardian Doors staff and a new 24/7 Emergency Call number added.