Back in 2001, I worked with Shaine Middleton on the original Gath Sports website. Fast forward nearly twenty years and Shaine had long left behind being a web developer – he’d taken to the water as a diving instructor and tour operator in the pristine waters around Ningaloo Reef.

In the years between, Shaine had met (and married) Danielle and eventually they both came to be managers at the Exmouth Diving Centre. After many years of booking tours for visitors to the area, they were looking to set up their own venture – one they could manage in out-of-business-hours during the busy north-west diving season and also during the off season (spent mostly on their property near the ocean in the south of the state).

Aussie Marine Adventures (AMA) aims to be a one-stop-shop for marine animal interaction experiences acting as a booking agent for marine adventure tours both in WA and around Australia.

Based around manta ray concepts supplied by Shaine, AMA first required a logo and brand identity application suitable for print, web and digital media.

Next was to be a website which would integrate with the most popular online booking platform for tour operators – Rezdy. Danielle was keen to use Rezdy due to her past experience and it would also provide a great way to act as a booking agent for other tour operators in their network.

Our decision to partner with Laith was the best move we ever made. Not only did he build our website, he also helped us build our business. With his help we now have the tools we need and the confidence to move forward and grow our business.

Shaine and Danielle MiddletonOwners