Creative design for print, web and digital media

Based in Perth, Western Australia, 32degrees is a brand identity consultancy specialising in graphic design.

32degrees creates unique brand identities from scratch or can work with you to complement, enhance, support or revitalise an existing one.

Think of brand identity as the visual language for a brand. A brand identity extends beyond the logo to define the use of colour, fonts, typography and the treatment of associated graphic elements. Combined they create a visual framework for communicating with an intended audience, whether it’s via print, web or digital media.

Occasionally projects call for a larger pool of expertise. When this occurs, 32degrees collaborates with an extended network of local creative professionals to provide a level of service you’d expect from a more traditional design studio.

From start to finish…

Talk with the creative

All it takes is a call or an email to start the ball rolling… if required, a face-to-face meeting can be arranged.

Scoping the job at hand

Based on your project needs, 32degrees will provide a proposal outlining the stages of work required. Depending on the size of your project, each stage can be invoiced separately so you’re not hit with a large cost at the end.

Setting a direction

Through review processes, research and creative experience, an overall concept is developed for you to approve the general direction we’ll be traveling.

Bolting it all together

Visuals of the working files (these could be low resolution PDFs or a demo website) are provided to you for final approval.

Delivering the final package

Once we’re all approved and paid for, you’ll be receiving all the necessary artwork files and information to take your brand identity forward.

About the lead creative…

Established in 2011, 32degrees is the creative home for Laith Brookes – a freelance graphic designer experienced in print, web and digital media.

Besides working solo with clients to complement and enhance their own marketing and branding strategies, Laith also collaborates with an extended network of local creative professionals and has worked on a number of group projects.

Since graduating with a Diploma in Art, Design & Multimedia in 1993, Laith has completed a wide variety of projects for small-medium sized businesses, not-for-profit organisations, corporate institutions, local councils and state government departments.

The extended version...


Partnerships in design studios – Neworld Sauce and Eyeon Digtial (both in Fremantle, Western Australia).


PerthWeb – highlights were the Perth International Arts Festival website designs and custom icons and graphics for Ahead Software’s Nero application under the banner of glyfx.

Digital Ventures – primarily working with ENJO Australia to produce a large variety of printed material for internal staff, consultants and the general public. This included working on their yearly event where ENJO fly top ranking consultants to far-flung destinations.

key2design (now key2creative) – the time spent here was invaluable and allowed Laith to refine his skills at producing high quality graphic design and creative brand identity application across three main areas – print, web and digital media.

Client accounts Laith was involved with ranged from small start-ups (Onyesha Spa Pinelake, Hugh Brown Photography, Owl and the Pussycat) to corporations (Coca-Cola, Virgin Money Super, Mount Romance), local government (Shires of Augusta/Margaret River, Ashburton, Jerramungup) and state government departments such as the Department of Premier and Cabinet, Health Department WA, Public Transport Authority (PTA), Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DPI) and WorkCover.

In 2011 Laith set out on his own and by drawing upon years of experience, he now offers professional graphic design services for private clients and collaborates with other creatives on group projects.

For more information or to start your next brand identity project…